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I would love to know where you all get your beef tallow from. I love to cook with it but it's hard to find here in GA.
Quote: Originally Posted by NoraB So excited about this thread! gentlemango: does your DS get pleanty of good fat (grassfed butter/cream, VCO, etc?) I've struggled w/ bowel issues for years. I thought fiber would be the ticket. Whole food fiber or fiber from nuts and seeds does seem beneficial to me, but meatmucil gave me terrible, terrible cramps. Recently, even the fiber wasn't helping as much I hoped. I read about needing fats in the diet to...
Click here for the new thread. It's already quite interesting.
I've never had much luck making butter in the KitchenAid mixer so I use my food processor instead. Turns out great everytime.
VCO = virgin coconut oil
Quote: Originally Posted by Missa My mom has them too so I suppose they can be hereditary. Thanks mom! I feel the same way! But my grandmother didn't get any stretch marks and she had nine children!
I haven't tried this but Holistic Healing has a product called Tummy Tucker Xtra that's supposed to tighten up saggy skin. Also, dry brushing that area helps to tighten it up as well. What has worked for me personally is using the cellulite massage brush everyday. It looks like this. It helped put my belly button back where it belongs. The stretch marks are a different story. Stubborn little buggers!
Quote: Originally Posted by GoddessKristie Anyone else feeling like they need a second income to complete the TF transition? I am becoming more frustrated every day because we just don't have the money to buy a grain mill and I really need some grassfed beef, but I can't afford the extra price and the cow at my mom's is not ready to slaughter yet. I'm just becoming increasingly dismayed. Yeah, it can be frustrating during the transition...
This is a great thread! I just started reading through and I'm going to use some of the ideas here.
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