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I buy the short grain brown rice from the local Korean supermarket. Actually there are three that I go to. We have a large Korean population here. Most of the time I buy organic but rice is getting expensive so the last time I bought some it wasn't organic.
I've been told that wheat germ oil is good for scars. You have to massage it in at least once a day to see results. Another good product is Great Mother's Belly Butter/Vital Body Butter. It's all natural and contains wheat germ oil, some other healing oils as well as some herbal infusions. It smells good too. There are few different places you can get it online like amazon.com and mothernature.com. You might even be able to find it in your healthfood store.
I'm in! I would love to receive letters in the mail again. I'll PM you my address.
I don't give my kids multi vitamins either. I go back and forth about it. I'm not sure if there is a whole food multi that would give them what they need. We eat a very healthy TF diet so I don't know if I'll ever give them a multi.
I've been using them for several years. They work wonderfully.
Where are you getting your ½ gallon jugs from?
A whole food vitamin C supplement helps to strengthen the tissues. And a lot of fats and oils like quietserena said. Wheat germ oil, coconut oil, cod liver oil. Make sure you cook your foods with lard and palm oil (if you like it) and beef tallow as much as you can. Use lots of butter and pastured raised eggs. Liver has LOTS of vitamin A which also is important for tissue strength.
I'm lactose intolerant but dh and the kids seem to be fine. What I just started doing is letting my milk sit out at room temperature for three days and then I refrigerate it. It seems to reduce the lactose enough so that I don't have any problems with cramping or gas.
I just bought the Planet Bag from amazon.com and I really like it. I'm tall so the long handles are perfect for me. And it holds a lot too.
Subbing. Mom of 5 here. I don't get the "are they all yours" question too much. I guess it must be obvious But I do get my fair share of "you got your hands full" which I don't mind hearing to be honest. I think having your hands full is a good thing. I actually enjoy being around my kids - they're a lot of fun!
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