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Congratulations wildthing! Hope you're enjoying your babymoon! My baby (#5) is 4½ months old. He's a lot of fun and the older kids love him to death.
Quote: Originally Posted by mama in the forest I need some large pots! Where does everyone buy their industrial size cooking pots? I'm not seeing them at the regular stores. I've been using two large stock pots for every meal & I really want just one big one. If you have an international farmers market in your area you can buy them there.
Has anybody seen this? laughup
Quote: Originally Posted by Kidzaplenty But then again, that concept [marriage forever] seems to be losing ground in todays society. I know! It really is very sad. Quote: Can you all imagine if we all got together with all our children how many there would be? I think it would be great! I could only imagine! I don't see other large families often here where I live but I'm always excited when I do. So if there...
Awww, nata! My heart goes out to you. I have a friend who has 3 grown children but she wanted 5. Her dh had a vasectomy after the third but like you she has always felt like she had 2 more in her that never got a chance...
I'm still here! And my family just got a little larger! Our new baby boy was born 6 days ago and we can't get enough of him. Thanks for reviving this thread!
Welcome wildthing! Congratulations on your pregnancy. You are truly blessed!
I didn't know about this thread... I'll post a link to my question here too. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...6&postcount=72 I'll be thinking about an answer to your question AngelBee. Gotta run!
Wow, those kids are riding around in style! I like that stroller. I used to work in day care and I remember those tables. They definitely help when you have a lot of little ones to feed. Good idea. I'll have to check out that website some more. I understand about the growing laundry mountain. If nothing else, make sure everyone has clean underwear LOL. Then I would suggest that you wash and then get your older ones to fold and put away. Even better would be to...
Hi 1growingsprout, Thanks for resurrecting this thread! We have 4 kids with #5 on the way next month. I love having a large family. There's a whole lot of love in this house! Wow - a 4 seater stroller? I've never seen one those before. Makes you the center of attention everywhere you go I'm sure. Congrats on the new pregnancy. How far along are you?
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