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This woman in Connecticut just gave birth to her fifth child and he is HUGE! Here's the article. At this rate, the next one might just walk out!
Here are few websites I came up with: MOMYS I don't know if you've heard of it but it stands for Mothers of Many Young Siblings. Large Family Logistics This is geared toward homeschooling families but it can still help you even if you don't homeschool. Get Organized Now! Love this one! It has a lot of great suggestions about organizing your home and family. Hope this helps!
What are some fun things you all do with your kids? Especially the older ones. My mom didn't do a lot of fun stuff with us growing up so I don't have her example to draw from. She was a single mom so I'm sure that had something to do with it. Part of it was her personality. She was very serious. And got more and more so as we got older. Trying to keep us in line, I guess. Although we did do some fun activities occasionally. I want to be more consisent with my...
How old was everyone when they had their first child (or children in my case)? I was 24 when I had my twins. I'm 33 now.
Welcome and congratulations on #4 magentamomma! No one here will tell you you're crazy, that's for sure!
I love to hear about people who grew up in large families deciding to have large families themselves. It means that they had a great experience growing up and they want to give their kids the same thing. That's wonderful. For a while I was worried because a lot of people I knew who grew up in big families only had 2 kids or no kids. Made me wonder what was so bad about their childhood. Now these were not people from my generation but my parents' generation. But...
I don't really worry as much about the metal as I do the plastic. I have a plastic blender container or whatever you call it. So now I soak whatever grains I have in a ceramic bowl and grind it in the blender the next day.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nursingnaturalmom NAKing.... mommyto4grits, I"m not sure when 4 got to be "all these kids". I know! Even before I had kids I never thought of 4 kids as a lot. My goodness, when I had 3 people said I had "a lotta kids." I just don't understand that. I grew up in 3 kid family and it did not feel big to me!
Quote: Originally Posted by kpb do any of you speak out?! No, but I do try to be an example when I'm out with my friends. Like if we have a picnic at the park I'll bring a bunch of NT food. People can't help but notice what you're eating and they start asking about it. That's my opening to start talking about WP.
If I don't have buttermilk on hand I use whey and sometimes kefir for soaking. Still turns out great.
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