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I like Concentrace. It's great - I've been taking it for quite a while. Jennifer
I would love make injera but I don't know where to find the flour! I wore myself out a few years ago trying to find an Ethiopian store around here but I couldn't so I gave up on it. Jennifer
Well, that's good news. I love butter oil but it's very expensive. I wonder how much it will cost? Jennifer
Name: Jennifer EDD: 1-14-07 I don't care if it's a boy or girl. We already have 2 of each!
I'm due in January 2007 with baby #5! Jennifer
Hi everyone! I've been lurking for a little while and now I'm ready to post. My name is Jennifer, I live in Georgia and I have 4 children - 8yo twin girls, 5½yo boy and an almost 3yo boy. I'm expecting baby #5 in January. I'm a homeschooling, homebirthing crunchy mama to the core! I've been married to my wonderful dh for 11 years. I look forward "meeting" you all and having some great discussions. Jennifer
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