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    So sorry you didn't get the dream birth you wanted.  I never did either.  Some get wonderful, perfect births and others don't.  I actually did have a really great birth for the most part and then it ended in a way that I really didn't want and it has been so hard to accept.  I can relate to wanting to give birth again and having to live with the sadness of not getting the birth you wanted.
I'm pretty sure I'm done after 4 but I still feel sad about it and will miss being pregnant, giving birth, and having babies.  I think I would be happy getting pregnant and having babies over and over for a long time but I couln't handle have 10 kids.  It's an amazing and exciting time and it's sad to see the end of it.
I keep putting off posting my birth story so I thought I should at least post that I had my baby.  He was born May 3rd and all went well.
Yesterday I was at the mall and got a lot of great comments.  One guy walking by asked "is that real?"  I stared at him for a second and said yeah.  Then he said "it looks like a ball".  Who goes walking around the mall with a ball under their shirt.  I walked past a women and she stops and looks at me and says "oh my gosh!" with a look of shock on her face.  I don't want to go out in public anymore.
I wouldn't want it if I didn't need it.  I think it makes the afterbirth pains much worse. 
Yeah, just "volunteering".  But I'm so ready!
I'll go first!
Just wondering what you drink emergen-c for?  Do you get energy from the b vitamins?
I'm full term tomorrow and I'm ready, ready, ready!  I've never wanted so much to have a baby early as I do this time.  I'm excited!
I think you should still try and prepare mentally for your birth especially if you had a difficult time last time.  I felt like I did all that I was supposed to for my first birth and after things didn't go for as hoped I felt like what was the point of all that, but really it did make a difference over all.  My next two births I didn't prepare as much and I think it made things a little harder.  This time I feel like I'm almost over preparing to the point where I'm...
New Posts  All Forums: