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We have participated in one-day per week most weeks programs and that's been okay.     My son attends a regular program school and they have been resisting this notion of attending part-time the whole way along. Largely for the reason described by Miranda.  I'm considering pitching it again as he's finding the full days tedious.  So, only the BTDT in the wanting to department :).
  My kids have tested IQs higher than mine, but they are not "smarter" than me.  IQ tests are a fairly narrow measure of smarts, and wisdom is plenty important.  When my kids cycle through stages of asserting themselves as being smarter (which is a very typical kid assertion, it's part of their developing identity as separate from their caregivers), I just bump through it but I certainly don't buy into it with them.   That is a recipe for disaster, and the potential...
What cognitive tests did they use?  What level of professional tested his eyes (ie ped, regular optometrist, developmental optometrist, opthomologist)?  Were other inventories completed that would identify other complexities?  Might he have ADHD-Inattentive?  How is his printing?  Gross and fine motor skills?
Coming back to say that we have one child that sees a therapist, and we did some parenting sessions to ensure that our approaches were compatible with what was happening therapeutically.     I believe that really good parents can still need guidance and support to know how to meet the particular needs of their child.
  I'm glad you're seeing a therapist.  And I hope you will undertake some parenting sessions, in addition to your child receiving direct therapy.   He is not "outsmarting" you.  You are setting yourself up for disaster if you construct this as an issue of his superior intelligence and allowing him to be so narcissitic as to tell you to accept him as he is, and to egocentrically assert that he isn't going to change.   I would ask the therapist what his/her particular...
It strikes me, based on the way that you express yourself, that you're deeply emotional and expressive (good things!).  I think that perhaps it's your core temperament that's keeping this burbling in the front of your mind, and keeping you expressive and descriptive.  You do deserve support, and don't deserve self-hatred.  This is part of who you are and how you process your life.   Certainly, other parents are faced with "worse" diagnoses or prognoses.  That doesn't...
This.   These Wikis do a pretty good job of describing core issues discussed in this thread. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_mobility http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upper_middle_class   I think the OP is looking for the key "trappings" of an UMC lifestyle to propel her family into, and entrench them within, an UMC life.  Ok.  I also understand the motivation, when the economy is so horrible, to forecast oneself into a strata with the appearance of greater security.
I agree.  I clicked on the Utah link re kindergarten standards and they're indicating pre- and beginning reading skills, not 2nd grade reading skills.   The classrooms described are not at all developmentally appropriate.  
Are you on facebook?  I get a lot of education-oriented things in my feed with all kinds of cool ideas and links.
That is such great news!  Thank you for updating; I've been wondering.
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