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My dd had the same issue. She ended up with celiac disease.
I am unvaxed and graduated in 2000 from high school. No one ever asked or cared. I have multiple degrees and lived in a dorm too.
This is my personal opinion and experience: we are vaccinating our 5 yo on a delayed schedule and have done varicella and dpt. recently and I gave had no ill effects. Just go with your gut.
I was forced into having one with ds but did have one with dd. I preferred not having one.
I bought a beco 2.  I also plan on buying a baby hawk oh snap.  I do like wraps but it may be too hot in June for that.  
Glad she is doing well in the NICU!
YeP, still sick!   Ran out of zofran and can't pick more up till tomorrow afternoon :-(
I think we've finally came up with a name: Sophia Everleigh. DH isn't too fond of Everleigh but I love it... What are your thoughts?
It sounds like you have gotten some good suggestions.  We were gong to move when our lease was up (July 1). But our guess date is in June so we have decided to stay put till next summer.  We have 2 older children and our new baby will cosleep for the 1st year.
I go to Lexington Women's Health and see a midwife there. I do plan to deliver at a hospital tho. Also checkout www.womankindmidWives.com And www.thebirthingspa.com.
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