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take your chances with option one.  if worst comes to worst you could stop paying rent, wait til you get evicted and live in a tent.  sounds better than option two to me!  
I always try to think about things like this like if it was my grown up kid and they had kids would I want them to do it.  if so then do it.  you cant deprive yourself the kind of life you want them to have for them.  kwim?
i dont want to be this family but i wish i knew people like this family. everyone i know is normal :(
i wouldnt call.  not for a dirty house.  i grew up in a dirty house but it was MINE in the family i felt i BELONGED.  ive also worked with families who have had their kids taken away and i firmly believe that unless there is real abuse or SERIOUS neglect then the children are most likely in a situation that they still have the strength to overcome it.  these children will not have their souls broken from a depressed mom in a dirty home.
we let the kids believe what they want and "do" the santa/easter bunny etc only enough to facilitate that.  its a fun ritual but we treat it just as that.  my kids are 6 and 3 and the 6yr old wants to play it out but im not sure if he really believes.  i remember "finding out" around that age and i was just kind of like, "oh yeah, of course".  i expect it will be the same sort of quiet epiphany with our kids.
if this helps at all, i am so glad my mom got my ears pierced as an infant.  when i was older i decided i wanted a 2nd piercing and i would still like it but it was just too uncomfortable to wear studs all the time so they wouldnt grow shut and so of course they grew shut.  and now i rarely wear earrings but i'm so glad that i still can whenever I want.
sooo......for the parents who think its up to their daughter or who wouldnt say anything would you be ok with her wearing a swimsuit that lets her pubic hair all hang out in public?  are you really ok with that?
super cool.  do it.
how long until the car is paid off?  you said almost?  if its not very long you could go $0 on some of the easy stuff (eating out, clothes, maintenancy stuff) for a few months and then you would have that extra $436/mo wiggle room w/o getting rid of anything important to you
New Posts  All Forums: