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Congrats. I am also a PhD turned doula. Here are the things I think you should consider:   1. Who is certifying most of the other doulas in your area? If everyone seems to be DONA, then it might make sense to be DONA. If it's a real mix, then your options will be more open.   2. Who is offering trainings in your area that you could attend? If no one is offering trainings and you would have to travel far or wait a long time, then perhaps something more flexible...
While I agree that doulas are non-medical and that having a doula at your birth would not change it being a UC, i would still not attend a UC as a doula (or as a friend). I have training in childbirth. I have attended a large number of births at home, in birth centers, and in hospitals. In the event that something happened, I would be the person with the single most experience in the room and I would not be comfortable with that dynamic. The overwhelmingly likelihood is...
I am the Director of a doula co-op in NYC and we have nearly 30 doulas working in the co-op. We have a tiered system based on experience and I think our fees are really appropriate for NYC (and would be adjusted downward for other areas). Our doulas all offer the same package - 2 prenatals, the birth itself, initial postpartum, and one postpartum visit in the home plus unlimted phone and email support throughout. *These birth numbers are for births attended as a doula...
I had a funny experience this weekend. My name is Megan and my client had the exact say name (but w each pronounced it a bit differently). The poor midwife was getting so confused! (She did not know either of us personally so it was harder).
I haven't seen any of the midwives changing how they take clients. I think they are all continuing and hoping for positive changes soon.
Thanks everyone! I will pass this on to her!
Lots of great ideas but I want to stress again that ideally you would choose different words to reference the ceremony that you are wanting to create.
A good friend of mine who has not yet had any children has become really concerned about whether she will be able to have a vaginal birth or not. Anyhow, she is nervous to ask people because she is still dealing with her own feelings about her health but I offered to ask these questions of midwives here and ones I know locally for her. Any info you can offer will be appreciated. - Do you or have you worked with clients who are Herpes 1 / 2 positive with a history of...
Maybe through priceline using the name your price function. The free parking part is non-existant. There os street parking throughout the city but you will have to compete with others for it. All around CP, there is lots of parking (but lots of cars also!).
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