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Hi there! Wondering if anyone else is from London, Ontario??   I live in the North West end of the city. 
Have you been to the vran.org site? I always find them very helpful.   HTH
Mary3Momma - you made a very tough skinned momma cry today. Thanks for those words. It's so hard when the ones you love most in the world don't see what you see. And yes, I WILL try harder to be less angry and instead turn the situation from one of frustration to one of excitement. Sadly, my Nana never got to see us HSing. I know she would have been so proud of me for battling the naysayers and going against the grain - because that is who she was. Sometimes I forget...
Forgive me for my pity party, I have been HSing my two kids (6 and 9) since Sept 09. When I decided to do so my son could not read after attending four years of school. He felt "stupid" had daily outbursts of frustration that were full-blown tantrums coming from an eight year old. It was all just to much for him. Very much against my hubby's wishes I did not send my kids back to school this past year. It has been wonderful. My son has not had an outburst in over six...
WHAT? You mean there are moms who actually get a day without kids, blankets, sippy cups and toys tagging along? Wow, I'm perplexed. I don't think I understand this concept! LOL!
Option one We have already had our kids in the PS system and, in short, the PS failed them. So, we decided to take the leap to HS. Now that we're here I can not imagine any other alternative. We love it and have found our "place".
That's great!!!! I too am just starting out on this venture and can not wait to see my first pay. I'm very happy to see that it is possible and someone "real" is making money. Great job!!!!!
I love E-lance and have bid on quite a few project. I am wondering if anyone knows of any other sites that are somewhat like E-lance??? I have googled but it's so hard to tell what is legitimate on-line. I am hoping someone here knows of other sites to find writing projects. TIA
I have a blog idea. I would like to make revenue from the blog. I don't need alot of revenue but ideally I would like to make around $500 a month. Not sure if this is realistic and of course, would depend on the traffic I could generate. Anyway, is it better to blog on a site like blogspot or go out and purchase a domain name and go privately??? Do sites like blogspot provide you with advertising right away? Talk to me about blogging for profit.
Quote: Originally Posted by midnightwriter No, no, no!!!!!! Unless it is a no profit that you're passionate about, and even then, better just donate your time!!! OP, I have no experience with non-fiction, but try thinking about it in terms of how much per hour. I'd advertise myself as $15/h, at least, but I would accept a lower rate in the very beginning. Also, explore profiles of other writers, some of them might list their rates...
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