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I remember you, USAmma.  I was around a lot when my first two were little  (2004+ ish).  I now have a 3 year old, and have just come back for a peek.  I have missed Mothering! 
My son's room.  It was clearly suffering and yet I ignored it mostly out of dread.  I could always find something more pressing.  Well, we went through there today and it is awesome now.   Clean closet, lots of space.  Clean floor, clean surfaces.  Clear drawers.  He is in there just loving it.  Out came two whole trash bags of broken toys and rubbish, and one lovely box of donatable toys.  It is very inspiring for moving on to the next task.
I agree they don't really cleanse, but they are good exactly the way you used it.  Break you of a sweet tooth habit, get you motivated and moving in a direction.  I don't think a few days will harm, but the longer ones potentially will and won't serve you long term.
It does cost some $$$ but a massage does actual wonders for your body.  If no $$$ a willing partner and a lovely scented oil are hard to beat!
Yep, take your trip to CA! 
Oh, well, I would never classify myself as a "neat one", but I do have a tidy pantry!  Only because I just did a bunch of work on it.  I found that putting everything in clear, see through containers, square or rectangle is best for economy of space.  I labelled everything.  I got so sick of bugs , spillages and general incovenience that I just got it sorted.  So far it's working great.  I keep spares of often used things (like flour etc) and empty it into a container...
maybe he did say that for a joke?  It's weird, that's for sure....
Big hugs to you all! 
Wow, yeah, I would want to know.  How can this sort of thing be private knowledge?  I would ask around the neighours and perhaps call the landlord and/ or police. That sounds frightening.
I have used cloth with all my three babes, including two newborns.  I just wanted to add my support for your try it again in  a few weeks idea.  Newborns pee so often.  It didn't bother me, with my particular little ones but if it's interfering with sleep, or enjoyment of your gorgeous squishy go ahead and use the sposies.  But, come back to cloth, because it does get easier, and the peeing slows down a tad.  You will even find, down the track, way less leaking and and...
New Posts  All Forums: