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You are amazing and the greatest gift we have is the ability to heal ourselves. I wish I wasn't in CA so I could give you breastmilk, if there is anything you'd like please don't hesitate to let us know. much love and healing coming your way mama!
My mom has tried her darnest to tell me how to parent. I have firmly repeated year after year, " Not your job, you already had a chance to be a parent now it's my turn."" Your job is to enjoy being a grandparent and that is all" "I will make the decisions about my child." I know it's tough but it will get better if you continue to stick to your guns! Mantra " I am the Parent" "I am the Parent" Love to you!
Quote: Originally Posted by MommyMichele I put photos of my baby jaguar in my blog. And just added a couple of Then and Now photos there too. So happy and sweet Happy birthday Ian!
I had to wear my Dansko's for about two to three weeks then I fell in love with them. I have Planter Faciatias so I know pain in my feet. My Dansko's are some of the only shoes I can wear that don't hurt my feet. Give your Dansko's a chance you may be able to wear them in.
Alex you are a very handsome boy with lovely smile.
Quote: I think you have a valid point, but I also know the mom would not be nearly as upset and legalistic as you might be in a similar situation. Not sure what you mean by this. My reply below clearly states that I thought you should directly talk with your parents not sure how that means I was upset or legalistic? Quote: I would have spoken with them directly "I know that I gave you a list of holiday's I'm closed for but I made a...
I hear what your saying and agree. With our current provider who was also our middle dd's provider for 3 years I make allowances for things that came up. I didn't let her know that I was upset or peeved because I love her and who she is to our family. My answer was that I'd be upset but in the grand scheme of things I wouldn't say anything to her or call her on it. We had a few situations like this when she was watching our middle dd and I had to just figure it out....
Quote: Originally Posted by anothermama Well then I guess I wouldn't count on you for a potential customer, eh Melissa?? BTW, it was nice meeting you at the soccer game.........it's our last week, yay finally some free weekends! Why because I think you should have handled the situation differently? I respect my daycare providers and pay them on time. if they make a mistake about when they're open I expect them to deal with it or be...
I don't mean to be snarky but if you feel you do favors for your daycare families so they should be grateful to you then why did you post this thread? Daycare is expensive and when a list is given to you for holiday's that's what you expect and plan for. You made a mistake but expected your families to deal with it. In the future hopefully you'll be more forthcoming and direct. All I can say is I have to pay for daycare when I am sick but if my provider cancels I still...
Millie Happy birthday! you are a sweetie!
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