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yes. awful day yesterday. for me, it's that I am so exasperated with my kids that I am mean to them. it's awful and I feel so guilty. little one fell asleep from 3-5pm in the car and then didn't go to sleep until 10pm last night, so after awful day, awful night of musical beds and mommy yelling. hoping today will be better.
Once a week at  most for the 7.5 year old. Possibly once a month for the 3 year old. I don't think my kids' hair stands out as being dirty, so I really think it depends on the hair, etc. But it is true that I'm not as clean as I could be myself at this stage in my life so my lens may be cloudy. We do baths probably every other day or so, depending on the season, how much time we have, and my girls' preference, and they usually get their hair wet (especially in summer) so...
Current faves include: belly buppon for belly button; scunsceen for sunscreen. used to say din down for playground and bockedy for broccoli. and of course, the all time most important NUNK for mommy's milk.
Hi mamas,   My 7 yr old DD has candida, along with gluten, dairy, and soy sensitivities. She also can't eat avocados. I'm gearing up to start her on a candida diet, but I want to be armed with some recipes (especially for treats) first. Any help out there? I have found a few here and there online...any good sources?   Thanks.
would love this!
hey hikermama,   i haven't read dr. gordon's approach yet (though i might soon!), but one thing that helps me a bit with my frequent nurser (26 month old dd2) is to put something i've been wearing right next to her (e.g. shirt) so she has the right smell to help her keep sleeping (this means for maybe 3 hours instead of 1). we co-sleep, so this is generally something i do if i'm trying to get out of bed to do stuff, but it might be helpful even if you're in bed with...
meemee-yes, i was thinking more sausage and bacon. but you're right, i think it's just her build. my dd1 is also teensy and petite. my sister is built like this too, so it may just be genetic. i think i know in my heart she's fine, but my "good girl follow the rules" instincts are interfering so i'm trying to bulk her up before the next weigh-in....silly. nightwish--is a good point about the pressure. thanks.
took my dd2 for annual check up today, and she hadn't gained any weight since 18 mth check. she did grow taller though, and is developing fine, and eats. not a huge eater, but fine. my inclination is to think she's fine, but my pediatrician is pressuring me a bit b/c she thinks that she is filling up on breastmilk b/c she nurses often and should be eating more. i disagree with this, but would like any ideas people have for packing on weight. it would make me less worried...
am in search of this. anyone have a good one? i make the one from laurel's kitchen but wanted to try something without butter. thanks.
Sandra Meyerson, MD Concord Hillside Medical Associates/Harvard Vanguard Baker St. Concord, MA 978-287-9300   I would recommend Dr. Meyerson as being relatively tolerant, but not supportive of non-vax. She has been our pediatrician since both girls' births. While she is a more traditional practitioner and would prefer that we vaccinate on the AAP schedule, she tolerates our preferences (co-sleeping, EBF, selective vaccination) and doesn't pressure us.
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