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We went to Daffy's and Target today. Next I plan to go to Old Navy and Justice at the end for just a few fun things. It's still pretty hot here, so summer clothes will suffice for a while longer. I also don't want to buy too much now because I'm sure when school starts there will be some particular kind of tops or pants they want when they see what everyone is wearing.
I voted never. I usually get it from my dad, and if its useful, he's already sent it to many of the people I know. If not, I delete it. But his stuff is pretty political and I don't like to send that on to my friends randomly.
We are at a similar stage with dd2, who is almost 10. She has had breast soreness and some growth for about a year. A tiny bit of pubic hair but not curly yet, and no period (which I hope will wait a few more years!) Dd1 (13) has all the hair, more breast development, body odor, and still has not had her period yet, although her ped said it could be any day, or a year from now. I think I also remember reading somewhere that getting close to a certain weight has...
This is just a public service announcement. Yesterday, I went to the Land of Make Believe with my kids and although we really love it, I think I got whiplash on the Sidewinder water ride. My daughter loved it and other kids around us had been on it several times, but I met a woman at the exit to the ride that said it hurt her too. The park is great, though, so I highly recommend going, just watching out for this ride.
Har or Ramah (height--used for an elevated town) in Hebrew
It seems to me that child is being neglected. I would still call the police and tell them what happened. They can then talk to the parents, call CPS if necessary, etc.
Dd2 was really similar and because Dd1 was pretty easy going as a baby/toddler, I knew it wasn't my parenting style, but just her personality. Don't blame yourself. She is "demanding" what she needs because she is just a more intense personality and needs more from you now. I will say that at this point (9 1/2 years old), she is a very loving, delightful child who is quite independent but still attached. I think if I didn't respond to her high needs when she was...
We went to the Franklin D. Resort in Jamaica when the kids were little. It is pretty small and manageable, and you get a vacation nanny assigned to you. It was great to have an extra pair of hands, or someone to sit in the room during nap time if I didn't want to stay.
I would give bandannas to the babies. It's just good for them to have something to walk out with like the other kids.
I would take whatever steps necessary to get the people out of your rental house and find new renters! Then start looking for another place for your family to rent if the house you own really can't work for you.
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