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Well, she died this week and the service was Friday. I wasn't able to make it cross country to attend but my parents and one of my sisters did and conveyed my love to my uncle. I'm glad she did not suffer for very long, but it just seems so wrong that it happened at all. I plan to take the kids out to visit my uncle and cousins next summer. Thanks for the nice words and thoughts.
I couldn't stop laughing at this! When I show it to dh I think he will too!
I would go for the bigger one if you are planning on having a big family. Just my 2 cents. And the yard looks great!
My aunt is dying. The hospice nurse said today that her children all need to come see her now. I just feel terrible for everyone. This spring she was diagnosed with lung cancer that had already spread. I am in a different part of the country and won't be able to go to the funeral. I went to her son/my cousin's wedding in May knowing that I might not see her again. I just wish there was something I could do. My heart is breaking for my dad (her brother), my uncle...
Sara Donati's Into the Wilderness series. That's the title for the first one and there are 6 in all.
Dinner leftovers for breakfast are the best! Food is food and to me, it really doesn't matter what gets eaten when. When I was growing up, I thought macaroni and cheese WAS a typical breakfast food and I was surprised to find out later that other people didn't think so!
My local grocery store (shoprite) has some things really cheap now like notebooks and essay books for 10 cents, 15 cents, etc.
Many kids may do it, but it is up to parents to use the event to teach their kids that it is wrong. And acting nonchalant about it would bother me too. I had a friend once whose kids were ganging up on my kid. When she was told about it, her response was: "yeah, they're going through a mean phase." There was no other attempt to deal with the situation at the time, and although maybe she dealt with it later in private, I was disturbed by her attitude and we distanced...
So what you're saying is your IL's are very selfish and only want to do what feels like a vacation and is fun to them. They don't care enough about their grandchildren to be with/do with for their own sake, only in conjunction with what they want. If you still feel that these selfish people can help you somehow in your life and you would be better for their participation with your dc, I guess you would have to entice them with something they want. Maybe if they don't...
I think you did great! I would have loved for someone to say that to me while I was NIP. Mostly people left me alone or didn't notice what I was doing, but positive comments are wonderful!
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