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My wedding ring and engagement ring are yellow gold (got married in the early 90's), but I never take them off so they are just part of me, YK? But I try to make sure my other jewelry matches, ie I would only wear a necklace, watch, or earrings that match with each other.
Thank you for leaving a broken, rusted out grill on the side of the house for us to remove. Thanks also for throwing trash all over the side yard. They'd been doing it so long that some of it was buried. I found light bulbs, hoses, rusted out paint brushes, and other random weird things buried shallowly under the ground.
We got a note recently from a census taker and when I called her back and explained that I already gave the information to another census taker, she said they are doing audits now and checking on information previously received. Its annoying, but I guess they want to make sure the information is reliable.
There are so many great suggestions here. I hope you find the resources you need. I just wanted to clarify. LLL is really set up to deal with breastfeeding questions and concerns, not a place to call expecting to receive baby items. But a Leader might still know of other resources in your community beyond what official agencies can provide. For example, in our area there are a few different clothing swaps (scheduled events where anyone can drop off unwanted items or...
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie Honestly, as a LLL leader, that would be completely outside what a League leader would even be allowed to do. She could do it on her own, of course, but I personally would feel really uncomfortable if someone I didn't know contacted me in my capacity of a LLL leader asking for baby stuff. OP, have you contact local crisis pregnancy centers? Do you need help finding ones in your area? I guess its...
Is there La Leche League near you? In our group, moms are constantly donating baby items they don't need anymore and we offer it to others who can use them. If you call a local Leader and this is the case in your area, maybe she would be willing to drive things to you. If it were me, I would
Nice job! Very cool!
My mother covers her hair with a wig and my understanding of it is that as a married woman, the only man who should see her real hair is her husband. So she can be uncovered in the company of just women, and my mom also might not be covered in front of her son, son-in-laws, or grandsons. She has beautiful wigs that most people wouldn't realize are wigs. But it is important to her that SHE knows she is covered. (BTW My parents became orthodox when I was in college...
You may know about this already since it is probably not too far from you, but the garbage (or trash, I can't remember) museum in CT is so awesome!
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