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Quote: Originally Posted by Bokonon I like where I live. The weather is nice, there are a ton of things to do with kids, and I'm in a great school district. But it's not home. I really want to move back to the midwest, but my true home is in New Jersey, and I don't think I'll ever live there again because DH isn't from there and doesn't want to move there. But I'm ok with that. I'm ok with staying here if that's what ends up happening, as long as...
Last night I used up some lettuce that needed eating, some vegan chicken strips, a can of mandarin oranges and a can of water chestnuts to make an Asian chicken salad. I made the dressing from the syrup from the oranges, some soy sauce, sesame oil, hoisin sauce, vinegar, ginger powder, and garlic powder. I also made peanut butter noodles using pb, hoisin sauce, coconut milk, vineger, oil, red pepper flakes. Although I had to cook the pasta, (we have ac), it quickly...
Quote: Originally Posted by frugalmama we can't do oats do to allergies - think it would work on cream of wheat or maltomeal hot cereal? We put milk and sugar on ours. I've got several flavors too - chocolate buttercream, pumpkin spice, vanilla, mocha, and Dulce de leche. How about rice pudding? The creamer would give it interesting flavors.
Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati and all the books that followed: Dawn on a Distant Shore, Lake in The Clouds, Fire in the Sky, Queen of Swords. There is a new one too that I haven't read yet. They are historical fiction set in the 1800's starting in upstate NY and then moving to various locales for the subsequent books. They are really engrossing novels with characters I really loved.
If you don't need it for the money, I would let the job go. I just left my "perfect" part time job to SAH full time. My kids are bigger and were in school while I worked, but I simply wasn't the same when I was with them. I was always in a hurry, stressed, had less patience, etc. They fought more too, which I think was an attempt to get more of my attention, or maybe a reflection of the increased stress in the house. It's true that you don't know what job...
The Livingston mall has a nice, free toddler play space. If you don't have a car there is probably a bus from Montclair that goes to the mall.
It's horrible here. People are ridiculously aggressive. I learned to drive in San Diego and it is so different there!
This sounds like an area where you could get really sucked in. If she can't take care of her own affairs, then she needs some sort of social worker or visiting nurse service to help her. I can't imagine it would end with you buying the outfit. Then she will need you to do something else and on and on. If you want to take on this role, fine, but if you don't, I would be cautious about getting involved, particularly in an area where she is delusional.
I would call again and ask to speak to the Breastfeeding Manager or at least bf staff. Because of our committment to bf moms, we often will do whatever we can to get bf moms the services they need.
The extra food for bf babies is 1) to provide extra iron and 2) an incentive that fully bf moms will not have to spend money buying food for their babies when they are ready for solids. Also, the jarred baby food now replaces juice for all WIC babies, so even though it is not as good as homemade, it is still a step in the right direction to encourage less juice consumption and more "whole" fruit and vegi consumption. In my experience working at WIC, most clients...
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