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Makes me want to go check it out just to support them! Glad to hear such a nice story in our neck of the woods!
OK, I did it! I gave my two weeks notice yesterday and I am so happy! Somehow I managed to do it without burning bridges, which was important to me. Thanks for all the feedback--it really helped solidify the decision. After Memorial Day, I'm done!
OP here. I'm really appreciating all the stories and support. I think I may work on my resignation letter over the weekend. What it comes down to is my family is more important to me than pleasing my boss or worrying what she will think of me. Dh will come around if that's what I want and I'll just have to hang out at the frugality and finances forum more like I did before I was working. Thank you all so much!
Hi. I have a SAH decision that has a lot to do with wanting to improve my relationship with my almost 13 year old dd. Please check out my other thread and offer advice if you can. Thanks! http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1223939
I used to consider myself a SAHP when my kids were young, even though I kept myself busy working on a graduate degree from home, working part-time at various things, volunteering, etc. I LOVED being at home and being available for my kids the majority of the time. Now I have basically a career that I thought I would love (but don't anymore) that was supposed to be part time (3-4 days/week, home when the kids get home from school). I've been at this job for 2 years and I...
How about Rocking Horse Ranch? http://www.rhranch.com/ It's a great family place with horse back riding and other fun activities for all ages. We went there when dd1 was about 4 and it was great!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama Mko Nah I wouldn't be bothered. If you asked or were reminding your child to take their shoes off, I might say "We're okay with wearing shoes here, but if you like, go ahead and take them off." I don't mind if people want to take shoes off in my house, and I'll follow their rules in their house. Sometimes its embarassing though if I don't know in advance and I'm wearing holey socks!
I would make sure there is a pediatric ENT specialist as part of the medical team. Maybe something blocking the nasal passage where babies normally can breathe while eating? I hope they can figure it out soon and help your niece/nephew!
I make peanut butter noodles that work with ingredients I almost always have in the house. Mix peanut butter with some oil, vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, (sometimes honey and hot sauce too, depending on your audience) pour over noodles and add whatever leftover veggies and protein you have handy. Totally delicious.
If she's into dolls, she might like twin baby dolls of her own to care for.
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