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Thanks laralou! I was reading the adhd thread and it had me feeling really anxious like there was something different we should be doing, were doing something detrimental, etc. I really appreciate the support!
My 5 year old dd just started kindergarden. She was diagnosed with add this past summer. (By the way, we practice AP, she never had formula, etc. so presumably we have done everything we can parentwise.) I don't want to get into the long story of how she came to be diagnosed, but suffice it to say that I am convinced that it is a accurate description of her behavior and symptoms (I've even read Dr. Sears' ADD Book and it is like many of the anecdotes were written about...
It took me a while to recognize it, but I actually feel constipated when I'm ovulating. It's just like clockwork!
DD is 5 and still not potty-trained at night yet. I've been teaching her how to wash out the folds of her vulva well when she takes a bath (about twice per week) and I wipe her about 2-3 times per week. Like you, if I forget, she gets red and irritated. I always figured it was normal because I know she doesn't wipe well. I'm sure she will outgrow it as she learns to take more responsibility for her hygiene.
I voted every few months. Our younger dd is only 2 and needs to nurse to sleep, so we go to a really early dinner nearby, come home to put the kids to sleep, and then(if we're not too tired) go out again for dessert, coffee, sometimes a movie. Dh works very long hours during the week (and sometimes on the weekend), so we need to have some time to remember how it all got started.
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