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Maybe I missed something, but doesn't he have a parole officer who can be contacted about his drinking and shouldn't that help get him out?
I would get him out today. It is ridiculous how he is treating you after what you did for him. I would pack up his stuff, drive him to a homeless shelter far from your home, and let him work out his life from there. Then cut off all communication with him and let his mother know you don't want to hear anything that has to do with him. He is not your responsibility.
We ate lunch and dinner today outside on the deck and birdwatched.
I know for me, I really needed to have friends with like-aged babies to do things with, especially during the day. You don't mention if you have a support system or not or if you get out everyday with your dc. Sometimes just having a regular outing planned (library, park, taking a nice walk), other adults made me feel like there was a diversity to my week. Things we used to do that were free/cheap: La Leche League meetings, library story time, playgroup organized...
"Really? MY baby and I are very happy and bonded." What is the response she could give to that? No your not? It's like I use to say to people who would tell me breastfeeding didn't make a difference (and who weren't worth the effort reeducating). I would just say that my baby and I really love it. It tends to shut down the criticism. Again, what are they going to say, no you don't?
Alex Jordan Jesse Jack Adam
I don't know if this is an option but can you move to a less expensive home? Also, I don't know about all assistance programs, but at WIC (if you are eligible) they do take into account the number of dependents (his other children should count since he is supporting them) and household expenses. I would also talk to the student loan people and let them know your situation and see what they can help with. They would rather get something than nothing I would think.
I don't have the answers for all your questions, but skirts are definitely fine. In terms of San Diego, I would go to the Wild Animal Park instead of the zoo. Also Lego land would probably be worth your time Great stuff for little ones and there is definitely some medieval themed stuff. In terms of time of year, I would be careful not to go when it is spring break in SoCal as it could be much more crowded. Different school districts might have different schedules. ...
I think what I wanted to emphasize is the difference between a want and a need. And not all wants can necessarily be rights in the workplace unless there is a general consensus that it works for that environment. For example, as there exists the right in your workplace to have babies present, it makes sense that there is the right for babies who have the actual NEED to be able to bf on demand. But toddlers don't NEED to be bf on demand, with mom completely exposed,...
The mom you described wasn't causing issues because she was nursing, but because she wasn't. Unless you have twins on simultaneously, it is not necessary for nursing to have both breasts exposed. Likewise twiddling is not nursing. I think asking someone to cover a breast that is not being nursed on is not unreasonable while at a professional meeting. A quietly nursing babe is not distracting, cover or not, but a squirmy twiddling toddler is. And if I had a toddler...
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