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Hi: I had my first ultrasound yesterday and my edd moved up from 12/15 to 12/12...just wanted to let you know.
My pants are getting quite snug but I can still squeeze into my jeans if I need to go someplace, but back in sweats as soon as I hit the door. The waistband just seems to make my nausea worse I don't really want to start wearing maternity clothes now at only 7 wks, but may be soon. Lauren...right with you on that bloated at night thing...yuck I feel like the Goodyear blimp at bedtime.
Both of my kids (5 & 3) seemed to know before I did, and have been pretty vocal about "having a new baby". Seems a little odd to me, since they have never really mentioned it before and we still have not told them anything, we are waiting till we can be a little more sure since I have had two mc in row. On the upside, they never mentioned a thing when I was pg with the two I mc....so maybe that is good news for this babe and perhaps he/she will be sticking around
Ok...wow this is different, but I think I am going to like it as soon as I figure out were everything is oops....just found out my signature line that used to take two lines now takes three : I hope I won't have to change it...but I probably will
Not really "throwing up" sick, just lots of nausea and so tired too. But the really wacky thing is I am so excited to be sick : I was pretty much this same way with my 2 successful pgs and not with my 2 mc - so every time I want to throw up - I just feel somehow reassured that maybe this time all will be well. If I could just get past the gagging toothbrush incident every morning....
My ds is 5 and my dd is 3 and I will try and wait till at least 12 wks to tell them....I have had two recent mc and just don't want to chance the heartbreak for them. This said, I swear they "knew" before I did....all the sudden lots of talk about a new baby etc. and that was before I even took a test....so maybe. My little boy (5 yrs old) asks God nightly in his bedtime prayers for a new baby, so maybe I will have to tell sooner rather than later :
Well, I guess I will go ahead and say it : I am planning a hospital birth, definitely, since I will be having a c-section. My ds (firstborn) was an emergency c-section, dd was a c-section due to being breech and I could have some pretty nasty scarring (according to my ob, and she ought to know she did both of my cs) so the safest IMO is to just opt for the repeat. Kind of nervous about posting this as sometimes the response on MDC for a scheduled repeat c-section is...
I love my boxer Had boxers growing up all my life and besides the one black lab I had (ex-dh got him in the divorce ) boxers are the only dogs I have ever had and will ever have...they are awesome!!! Warm, loving personalities (almost human like) and smart enough to outsmart me sometimes :LOL ...just great dogs!
Right now I am kind of going with the anxiety flow. I can seem to make myself feel any better or worry any less, so just going with the constant fear right now. I had a mc in Sept (10 wks) and another mc in Jan (5 wks) so hoping and praying this babe sticks around....I think if I can get past my loss dates (made it past 5 wks), then maybe I can relax...or maybe when I see a heartbeat...or maybe I am just not going to relax at all : I really am a basket case : :...
Congrats Tara!! Wishing you a healthy happy 9 months!!
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