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Hi, I did an intro thread, but didn't reply to the roll call thread :)   My name is Michelle and we are expecting another DS 8/19.
Hi there,   My name is Michelle and I'm pregnant with baby #4, due in August.  I haven't been on the mothering forums since the birth of my last munchkin in 2011.  And I realize that I'm a bit late in joining this forum, but it occured to me the other day (in the chaos of crazy life), that I miss being surrounded by the voices of women going through the same thing I am right now :)  I am a SAHM, who loves to sew and garden.  My first munchkin was born via c/sec and...
I'm so sorry for you and your family. My thoughts are with you. *hugs*
I'm hoping to keep the energy I do have going to at least Christmas... I have alot of outfits to make...then I can break down and do nothing
I must be nesting or pretending I'm super mom because we went went crazy with the arts and crafts this year to decorate. The kids had so much fun, I think their ages are perfect for this now. I also made a halloween skirt, appliqued shirt, and converted some socks into leggings for my daughter's preschool parade today... I'm tired, but having fun. Any other Halloween crafters out there? Any ideas for Thanksgiving crafting?
Quote: Originally Posted by finnegansmom Just popping in from Feb but Old Navy is having a sale starting today on outerwear, and there were some maternity coats that looked cheap enough. I live in Mass and definately need something warm, I have an ON one from a few years ago, a wool coat, totally unflattering but basic enough and warm enough. I second ebay as well! I got the Old Navy email today... something about up to 50% off maternity...
Babies, bellies and bosoms in Montrose has a great lac consultant there... it was a few years ago that I went in, but she was great.
Call Bini Birth in NoHo... Ana Paula Markel, who is a doula extraordinaire (among other things) started this place, they refer doulas and train them there...
You know what "they" say, sleep when the baby sleeps... that should include toddlers Mine are the same age as yours and even though my oldest doesn't nap anymore, she has 1.5 hours of quiet time, so I get my nap in Hope you feel better soon. Have you tried ginger for the nausea?
We live in California and eventually made it all the way to Niagara Falls (the Canadian side). In total, it was a about 7000 miles and a million memories
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