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We hated the orange, but the kids love the cinnamon. They take it straight and I can take it but chase it with milk. They also love the gummy fish.
My kids take fermented cinnamon tingle CLO. They take it right from the syringe and love it, lol! They also love the gummy fish too. I sing a silly song by Woody Guthrie (I want my cod liver oil and I want it now!). I take it the same way, but have to chase it w/ some milk.
Quote: Originally Posted by deditus TJ's - we're gluten, dairy, soy and egg free, so what we can get at TJ's and avoid cross contamination is limited. We avoid gluten and soy and most other things in packaged and processed stuff, so this is a great list, thanks! Great lists, keep them coming ladies!
I don't have a TJ's or WF close by me. It takes a little over an hour to get there (plus 3 kids w/ me!). I really like TJ's, but I think its a little hard to find things unless I'm looking for them specifically and I won't have a lot of browsing time with the kids! So I'm planning my stock up trip and I'd love if you could post what you usually get from these stores or what are some things you get from them to stock up. TIA!
I use lard or bacon drippings (from pastured pigs) for my eggs, SO good! I also use butter or coconut oil in my baked goods and lard or bacon drippings for frying. I love making chips in lard, yum! I use light olive oil and coconut oil for making mayo, but I've heard that bacon grease mayo is really good too.
My kids LOVE them! I got out of the shower one morning and they were sitting on the couch eating them! They went through the whole jar in about a week, so I haven't gotten them again lately, lol! They love the liquid cinnamon tingle FCLO too though, my youngest begs for it and wants more, more! I should stock up on the $10 jars!
I love this blog and recipes too: http://our21daydiet.com/Recipes/recipes.htm It would be easy to follow along. I've done several recipes and they have turned out great. We are low/no grain.
Hi everyone! I can't believe it is July already, where is this summer going! We are still pretty grain free, but have been "cheating" lately while on vacation and at family house. And boy is my digestive system and skin paying for it! I feel like crap and look like it too, ugh! We are home for awhile, so getting back to normal, lots of meat, organs, raw milk and cod liver oil, yum!
Yum! I love our chips hot out of the pan, still dripping with lard, yum! I have a grease keeper that I keep my "used" lard in on the counter and keep the rest in the fridge. I just heat it up in the cast iron and let the chips fry up until done. I have a mandolin slicer that I love, to slice the chips with. Once you have chips fried in lard, you'll never go back to store bought!
This Saturday June 19th!! 10am-4pm. Hope to see you there! The Natural Living Festival is a FREE peace-filled community event intended to educate the public about ways to preserve the earth, including natural family practices. With emphasis on the importance of building a strong local community, the event also acts as a platform for local businesses and artists to advertise goods and services. It is a grass-roots community-building event born with the intention to...
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