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5,000 sq ft isn't really that big, my lot in the Woodstock neighborhood is over 7,000.  Many places East of 82nd Ave. have bigger lots, some much bigger.  Still only 20 minutes to downtown or Hawthorne.  Much of the Eastside is homeschooling/unschooling friendly, as are local businesses that offer homeschool classes during weekdays.  We've done science at OMSI, art and ice skating, all during the day.   I've only lived in the SE part of Portland, but most of within...
Can I make a suggestion even though it's late?    In addition to telling a child what to do in case of whatever...., Write it down and give them the piece of paper with instructions for possible scenarios.  Like "Go to ticket counter and ask someone."  or "Call parents."  I know when I'm freaking out I can't remember the details of instructions and it is super nice to have them written down to refer to.
Thank you for the well-written and insightful post.  I especially like the following part: Learning what to do with oneself when one has the control is something I am afraid many young people today are not doing.   -- Mai Lon
Hmm, so pokeman tend to be little figures that can come separate from their balls?  I at least admire the mechanical aspect of zoobles and bakugan opening and closing.  Other little figures, not so much.  My kids have no idea about either of the tv shows.  They play with the zoobles like they play with their dinosaurs and stuffed animals and other toy figures.  
Do pokemon come in the open up ball style like zoobles and bakugan?  (Like I need to get even more of the things this year.  I think I have 9 so far but that includes a January birthday.)
I wish there was a happy medium between the fighting bakugan and cutesy zoobles.  I have a dinosaur loving 3 year old dd who wants zoobles like her big sister got for her birthday.  I picked the most dinosaur-like bakugan and will remove the packaging before giving them to her.  I also got her some zoobles.
We're going to a Not Back to School camp-out for homeschoolers. Last year it was about 15 families camping out together for the first three days of the public school calendar. It really helped my get through what would have been the first days of dds kindergarten without having a panic attack and dragging her to school at the last minute in fear that I was doing the wrong thing keeping her at home. Being out in the woods I was too distracted to think about what we might...
Mom, why do you have so much fur on your bottom?
We went to Metzler Park last week, a Clackamas County park and campground. It was great! Mostly tents, flush toilets and hot showers (a bit of a walk to them, but there were also porta potties available closer), cool in the shade. Best of all was the creek - great for the little ones to play in and even a real swimming hole down a short path. The only downside was they were a bit disorganized about reservations, we didn't have one and there was no clear system telling...
Hi there, We're coming up to South Whidbey for my High School reunion in August, and need to find a babysitter for August 14. Does anyone know of someone? It would be for two girls, ages 3 and 6, in a motorhome from about 7 - midnight. We (the parents) will be at the adult festivities about 200 feet away, at least I'd really like to hang out there with dh and not the kids for a few hours. Feel free to pm me if you'd rather. -- ML
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