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Thank you for all your responses.  DH and I decided today to switch to a midwife and will re-do the test with her and go from there.  I think that I was having doubts about more than just the test and didn't fully trust the doctor and thus the questions.  I appreciate your input.
I didn't have a fasting drawn.  
your 1 hour test level was 137?  I took the 1 hour test last week at 27 weeks.  Yuck!  I haven't done the drink test since my first pregnancy in 2000.  Usually I have done eggs, toast and juice on my midwife's orders and have never had a problem before.  But this time I'm with an OB (another long story in itself, but due to finances and insurance basically) and so I did the drink.  I thought the cut off level was 140 but the OB said that they had dropped the threshold to...
Hi, I'm trying to decide whether or not to do any prenatal screening. I've not done it before with my other four but now I'm a little older and maybe because I've read too many stories of things going wrong, I'm considering it this time. It would not change my decision for the outcome of my pregnancy but I'm wondering if it might lessen my worry, or if it would just increase it! I'm thinking doing the Serum Integrated Screening (first and second trimester blod draws)...
Thanks so much for all your input! I'm feeling better!
Okay...now I've got myself totally worried, one of those side effects of too much time on the internet. From before conception until 5 weeks of pregnancy, I was taking a regular multi-vitamin as well as a B complex and Vit. C (B vitamins for help with depression). Pregnancy this time was a surprise and so I didn't start taking a prenatal until 5 weeks. Well I started to worry about those b vitamins I was taking today and decided to look them up online(probably a bad...
Thank you all for your answers! It's just been one of those days...stitches, car needs new brakes...and I'm totally frazzled and tired and upset over my son's fall and thus not thinking clearly. I feel much better now. Thanks!
I am probably overreacting? They asked if he went to school, what his favorite subjects, what he was doing when he was hurt (older sister bumped into him on a swing), how old the older sister was. I;m not sure if I am more worried about the school issue or the two injuries close together. Thanks!
Help! I am feeling very worried right now. Our son, who is 6 1/2 hurt himself enough to need stitches at 11 am this morning (Tuesday) in a neighbor's yard with his older sister. DH took him to Urgent Care where he had been only 5 weeks before with a gash on his lip. I stayed home with the other kiddos. Apparently the doctor asked LOTS of questions about school and my son didn't answer them very well. Would they call Child Protection Services or the school district or...
Hi! I am mostly a lurker at mothering.com and just found this post. I see that you have a full group but I would love to join as well. Could I be on the waitlist? Thanks!
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