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It's true, that my perception of how often I nurse them is much less than it is. I nurse them, no matter what, before nap, after nap, in the morning, before sleep, and a few times at night, and then at least once or twice besides this. So that is... 8 to 10 times a day??! And I feel guilty for wanting to cut back TO this.   Thank you for point this out. I feel so much less guilty now about putting limits on the constant nursing.   ~ Rachel
Hello,   I lurk here often, but don't think I've posted in this part of the forums yet. I am in desperate need of a pep talk.   First, a little about me: 1) I have an almost 12 yr old, a 9 yr old, and 17 month old twins. 2) We homeschool. 3) I work from home as a writer, with steady work and deadlines that take at least 10 hrs per week. 4) When I'm not feeling overwhelmed, I am strongly committed to homeschooling, keeping my babies home with me, and my...
Yes, I try to distract them with offers of juice or food. Sometimes that works, but lots of time I give them the juice or food, and then, two minutes later, they are back to wanting to nurse. No doubt, they are sweet babies, but the nursing-bonaza is driving me crazy.
Hello, I haven't been here in awhile (the lack of a cursor in the text book drives me crazy), but I have a question that I think this is the best place for! I have two sweet toddlers, that will be 17 months in a few weeks. The problem is they want to nurse ALL THE TIME... every time I sit on the couch, they come to nurse and nurse. If I get up or don't sit on the couch, most of the time I'm "safe." But if I sit down, watch out... It's driving me crazy. With one...
I can read a book a week, but my husband never could. And my kids just do not read that fast. When it comes to reading goals for my kids, my main wish is that they spend at least a particular amount of time reading each day... how much they read isn't as important to me.      
While the list of books is cool, I'm not sure how you can really read 40 books in a year, not those books anyway. The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, for example, are thick books. You'd have to read for a few hours a day to finish them fast enough. Some of the books on the list could be read quickly -- but many should be savored. Speed isn't everything.
Thanks everyone for your responses. I do use lubricant, a LOT... it doesn't help much. :( 
Hello,   I  think I heard a baby upstairs, so I must be fast! But I have two questions for the moms who were breastfeeding for awhile...   1) When did you get your period back? And how did it compare to when it returned with your singletons? (For me, my twins are 13 months, no cycle yet... with my singletons, it returned at 15 and 18 months, I think...) I'm wondering if with twins, it may stay away longer...   2) If you had pain during sex, after the birth,...
Just wanted to say I'm so glad to read all these responses. Here I thought I was the only SAHM/homeschooling parent who doesn't play with their kids every second of the day. I spend time on the floor, we play, we talk. I nurse my babies, and spend time with the big kids. But not all day, not even close.   Seems like I'm normal! Yay!
I'm taking domparidone, since the babies were three weeks old. It allowed me to drop all supplements within one week for the boy, and within two weeks with the girl. But I was pumping as much as I could (which wasn't that often.... like you, my twins were nursing very often.) I'm still taking it, a very low dose (30 mg a day, or 10 mg three times a day), and it has helped me. I tried weaning off, and felt my milk supply go down. Which may or may not be my imagination,...
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