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Again,thanks, mommas! I really appreciate the input from both a mom and mom/teacher perspective.
Pretty simple- respect the fact that we,as parents,are our DC's FIRST and MOST important teachers. Be very patient,positive,gentle,and encouraging with DC who've never been to school.
My sis is a PS teacher....she just said to add these..... Send healthy re non-sugary food to school-for everything....snacks,lunch,treats. Say "Thankyou!" at least once a month-preferably each time you see the teacher. Thanks for the thread, OP! I've found this to be very helpful.
Great list! I would add the series by Katherine Valentine (I hope I got that right...)
Thanks for the tips Mommas!!! captain crunchy-that makes a lot of sense! duh! off to the store.....:
Hey mommas. I really did try to make some ground on the other shaving thread-no time! So! DD is almost 12, and wants to shave her legs. No problem. With the exception of the bikini area, I have always just shaved to above my knees. Why? I believed someone in college, who told me that if I shaved the hair(fur!) on my thighs, it would grow in thicker and coarser. My thighs remain unshaven to this day, and there IS a huge difference between the fur on my upper vs. lower...
Quote: Originally Posted by applejuice What makes you think I am surrounded by non-vaxers? When my children grew up, I instructed them to keep quiet about it. I was THE ONLY person I knew outside my family who was not vaccinated when I grew up. I was constantly challenged as a young child, young person, young parent, and now even as a middle-aged woman as to whether or not I have done the right thing. In every science and health class I...
Applejuice, I am having a hard time understanding your post. When you give the clapping smile, it feel to me that because my DD isn't completly at peace with our decisions, I've done something wrong. I came here to ask how/if/what others are telling their DC. Since she was 10yo, my DD has suffered from anxiety and panic disorders-a lot due to my own many illnesses. It has felt to me, that I've had to walk on eggshells, when explaining to her about vaxes-not wanting to...
Yes, it's the Hepatitis B. It is a VERY good thing to make it clear to ALL re ped or hospital doc(if you're having a hospital birth?) BEFORE you go into labor, that you don't want this vax. My baby sister just had her first baby. She had a very difficult pregnancy-lives in a VERY hot climate, and had to work FT right up to delivery. Long story short, she didn't do her research about vaxes. She was not told my niece would be getting the Hep B, doesn't recall...
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