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maybe babywearing? I wear my Ds2, and that is also something that DH can do to calm him.
in our family, it goes newborn, me, dh, DS1. Always someone between DS1 and DS2. We have a side car crib for extra space.
Quote: Originally Posted by Carlin I just realized f/u stood for "follow up" I'm a bit of a wrap addict, and I think the Moby is like a gateway drug! Welcome to the dark side! EXACTLY was I was thinking....with re:to f/u.
The water birth? Second baby? DH a chiro? Great show. I NEVER watch a baby story cause it makes me CRAZY...but, my DH previewed it for me and deemed it watchable.
I videotaped the pushing and delivery of DS2, and I'm glad I did. If you hate it, you can delete it, but you can't go back and film it again.
I don't think the OP means to NOT breastfed, rather, if something *tragic* happened to her, what would be the best options for her DH to offer to her DC. I worried about this until my LO was eating some solids.My DH was informed to find donor milk if something happened to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Belle Not a Glock. My dh (my firearms expert) and I watched it again in freeze frame. There are several close ups and the Glock logo was absent from where it should have been. It was not as boxy as a Glock either. Dh says that Glocks do not have spurred hammers either. But you're right, I couldn't see a safety on second viewing. And blocking the hammer would keep the gun from firing. I stand corrected. The...
Quote: Originally Posted by Belle I just watched it online, didn't get to watch it on Thursday. It had me rivited. Did anybody else feel like checking their kids' copy of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish for answers? How come Mark didn't just put the safety on the gun? Glocks (the brand of gun that was) don't have safety locks. Now, I couldn't understand why he didn't just hold back the hammer. If the hammer can't return back...
Benjamin’s birth story Near the end of my pregnancy, I was starting to get concerned about my blood pressure and swelling. When I was transferred to the hospital with Nathan, the medical staff was very concerned about my blood pressure. I don’t know for sure what the numbers were, but they must have been high since they were talking about putting me on mag sulfate to regulate the numbers and keep me from seizing. They also let me know that they had found some uric acid...
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