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although, my ex has never done jail, i've cried and cried and cried for the man i used to love, for what we used to have it is hard to let go. have you let go? will you go visit him?
dd loves having her dad around and yes, he does have a plan to move out.
i'm doing the best i can each day.
no i'm not suicidal. i'm much better. i was suicidal in dec.
canadian chick, i suspect that is exactly where she is coming from
thank you, ruthla
i hope it blows over also. i'd love to stop sending dd but my shrink recommended it and i like my shrink i couldn' t sleep last night.
dd was recommened to go to a psychiatrist by my psychiatrist because i had really intense crying jags and i was suicidal last december because of her dad leaving. well, yesterday was dds' appointment and because i let her dad live with us , she says "this may merit a call to cps" this man has never hit me or dd there is no violence in our house, we are legally divorced and i gave him a place to live after he moved back to this country. he just spent 4 months in his...
size 6? what is that?
i hate call waiting. it is so rude. i don't have it
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