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i've never met his gf.
i agree with the op, it does sound creepy and gross
being a single mother is very difficult. you need a safe place for you and the babies.
i hope things work out for you soon.
i pierced dds' ears when she was 2 months old.it is cultural for us
my middle name is celeste. it is always given to the first daughter of the first daughter. i gave it to dd for a middle name
i've done it . my therapist, my parents and friends were telling me not to do it.i'm still in love with my ex. neither one of us was dating. i thought it worked well.
i don't have caller id.
i rent a crappy apartment in a crappy building . i'm moving soon and i'm then going to rent a room in the apartment i'm moving to to the ex. we'll see how that goes.
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