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good for you and good luck!
i think that is horrible and abusive
yes, i do dds homework. we spend an hour on it about each night. i know, bad mommy.
the whole thing wouldve bugged me. ugh.
yes, keep us posted. good for you!
i understand about stressing. today were going to the zoo so hopefully that will help. i hope everthing will work out.
you are so mature about the whole thing. i'd be a mess. good luck and lots of love
i feel that i'm all dd has. i haven't heard from her father in a month and he is suppossed to call every week. last time i called i ended up crying and i don't want to do that but i wonder if he is in the hospital or hurt. oh, well he has a girlfriend to take care of him. to get back to the ot, i too, wonder if i'll ever be able to give dd a sibling aside from the ones her dad has. i want at least 2 more but i doubt it will happen, just because of my age. i'll be 40 in june.
trying to be the best single mother i can be. my hours and classroom were switched so i have pre-k instead of first grade. i miss my old class so much. i spoke to the ex about a week ago and i bitched out his girlfried and dd heard me. i know it was childish but it pissed me off the way she answered his phone. it is difficult to deal with. does it get any easier?
therapy has really helpped me with my grief. i don't know if you are open to that.
New Posts  All Forums: