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kathleenE, how are you doing? i've been thinking of you all day.
yes, me . i can't recover. my ex left me after 6 years. well, he left emotionally and then physically 2 years later.i too, cry every day. it is just so hard..............i'd love to get back together with him. but that won't happen..i hope you are ok. this is a very strong community and i've found help here. please stick around. i'm sorry this is n't a very helpful post but your story stuck with me. i too, have been suicidal and that is a recovery process in itself
i put try to talk to him again. it is sad. it would break my heart.
dd and i are going to a hotel at the beach in pacifica and we'll bowl. and we'll walk on the beach.
it is not terrible. i call him and cry about how much i want to get back together but i doubt that will happen. he gives me money. he is not a terrible person he just can't love me the way i want him to.
i mean, we never went to court to determine anything.dd lives with me and has each sunday with her dad. she'd never want to spend the night there so that is out of the question.he is out of the country right now but coming back in feb
i didn't mean to turn it into a thread about me. carry on.............
my support net work is my dad who says "stop feeling sorry for yourself" my mom who says "are you taking your meds"? my sister who says "it is time to move on" i see my therapist this wednesday. hopefully, that will help
my name is jannan. and i almost committed myself to a mental hospital two days ago. i've been crying for the last 2 months. the X is getting married in a few months. dd cries for him. he is in central america right now. i called his son and told him to call us but he hasn't . my goal is to get threw the day with out crying. i live in a cramped one bedroom apt with my dd who likes gymnastics and movies. she is now 8! the X left me. i cry alot. i wait for the day that i am...
i've so been there . sending you a hug.
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