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but who knows what would ve happened?i just feel like i never shouldve gone with the old boyfriend.what good did it do. i told the ex on the phone crying that i still loved him and he said if you loved me you never would ve slept with the old boyfriend. i keep thinking about that i just don't feel like it is over.
the thread title sounds like a tabloid but here is the story. i just feel terrible but i'm going to type this and maybe it will be helpful....i've been sitting here sobbing for the last hour thinking about something i did and it ended my marraige. in jan 2003 dh came to me and told me he did n't love me and he wanted a divorce . he moves into the family room but we continue having sex for some reason that i've never figured out. then in jan of 2005 i get in touch with an...
instinctivemama, it IS overwhelming as right now i am overwhelmed. i am the single mother to an almost 8 year old and it is hard. that is all i can say. today is the first day in about 1 year that i haven't cried.with this divorce,as we are already divorced i feel so betrayed and lied to by him.
i am still greiving and the ex left me in november of 2005. it is coming up on a year and it is not easy yet.
i cannot say enough good things about my credit union patelco.all banks suck.
i feel terrible for putting dd in daycare for 9 hours a day when she was 18 months, she cried. i feel badly , not just guilty, for giving her a bottle in her carseat. she cried sssssssssoooooooooooooo much when she was a baby.
i'm interested how the kids reacted when she came back.
so , what happened?
i am also very lonely and will cry for no reason other than the lonelyness. my ex is mad because i went to visit an ex boyfriend for a few days in the mid west........... so now i'm cut off more from the ex.i've often thought of suicide but dd needs me.sorry . i have no advice. i'm in the same place exactly. and each day it gets darker
New Posts  All Forums: