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what an incredible post. i admire you for moving on. good luck. btw, how old is your dd?
so the question is what would i have done? i would've got that child who did the kissing away from my child. yes, i wouldv'e removed him. and asked his mother does she plan on teaching him about personal space. i have a big issue with personal space. i don't like people hugging me, unless it is family. I think its' gross. who knows where that kid has been and why he felt a need to kiss stars' child. star, you were completely appropriate.
i wanted to chose more than one but it doesn't let me. rats!!!!!!
i am really sorry this is happening. i can only tell you what i would do and i would call the cops and get a lawyer and threaten to sue the school for not keeping your daughter safe.that will scare the pants off of them. no pun intended
Heavenly, i never said i was offended. I did say it bothers me that someone would have a fundraiser so they could adopt a child. It sounds weird to me. i don't know exactly why it just rubs me the wrong way. now , about the bear, will you personally be recieving funds from the sale to aid in your adoption?
I have questions.............are you posting so mdcer's can donate to your desire to adopt a boy from Haiti? and why Haiti? I really have to be honest. It bothers me that a member would solicit donations for their desire to adopt, if that is indeed what you are doing..........i could 've misread it.is the website you posted your own organization?
tracy, did you get my pm? i want to be a helper mom. i have less dollars this year as compared to last year, but just my reading some of the snippets it seems that some moms have even less than me...so please pm me so i can help.
she is crazy and greedy. hand me downs are free . that is why they are hand me downs.
i don't think you are being too harsh. i would go to target and buy several coats if that is her track record. i hope you find the coat and don't expect the teacher to be of any help........i tell my class all the time"it is your coat not mine"
i am an educator and sent dd to a working class catholic school. i have not been thrilled , especially when she told me that the teacher won't let her use the bathroom when she needs to. i'll take care of that on monday. she is only in kindergarten. i just don't like the whole public school senerio. please see my post in TAO about substituting. there is no public school i'd send my dd to . now, ds on the other hand, i had to send to a public school for language purposes.
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