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I would try Dr. Lightstone, Naturopath in West Lafayette. 
I don't know the answer to the insurance question. But I'm not sure you can find an OB that would only let you come in when you wanted to, for tests and such that you determine are important. That's just not how they operate. A midwife may be more open to the suggestion, but also may not be. Depends on the Midwife.   As far as UPing (Unassisted pregnancy), you can do most care for yourself such as keep a food diary to keep your nutrition in check. Check your own...
You can make LaborAid drinks that are much healthier for you. Here's one recipe: http://www.keeperofthehome.org/2009/06/healthy-natural-pregnancy-laboraid-recipe.html  
Why would you do that at 38 weeks?
The Expo is this weekend! April 21 and 22nd. Hope to see you there!  
We'll have my mw friend come over and do it. I'm not too concerned, but it's one of those things that will make hubby feel good. We will go to the ped within the first few days to week. No rush, but we will go.
Is there any way for you to get someone to check for heartbeats. One person with a doppler and one with a fetoscope? Or two fetoscopes? I would be nervous to UC twins without prior knowledge of them. But that's just me.
Events like these do not happen in MS very often. The one and only Mindful Spirit Expo is coming up over Earth Day weekend. It's all about holistic and alternative body-mind and spirit self care.
Wowza, this thread moves fast! 6 pages deep already!   Well I just popped in to tell Tracy and everyone that the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo I'm hosting next month is slap dab on the TM moon! So in honor, I'm offering a vision board room. It's meant as a treasure mapping room, but I just felt that the TM involves more explanation and such. I will not be standing by the door to do that. I'll have a sign with some general explanations. But mostly it's a room with...
New Posts  All Forums: