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When my butt hits the seat, Millie starts screaming for NINNIES!  I think it's totally developmental at this age eg. asserting ones wishes and having them fulfilled.  As for the soreness, could you be pg?  AF coming?  If he's just cut teeth, could also be bad latch.  I tell Millie 2 times off and Ninnies go bye bye.  I can't handle the on off on off on off ad nauseum.  Good luck!  
I'm a 'young' 37 still nursing my almost 2 year old.  I'm in perimenopause and I was taking progesterone to help with the all month spotting.  We got that under control, and now I'm having increased mood swings and insomnia followed by bouts of sleeping non stop and still being tired.  My periods are all over the place.  I read that fenugreek is used to help aid in perimenopause, so I'm taking that this month.  I don't feel as tired, my bowels are definitely more clean...
Take really deep breaths.  Mine are almost 2 and 5.5 and EVERY time I sit down, the 2 yr old wants to nurse.  EVERY time.  It's taxing, to say the least.  Then, when I get 5 mins alone not nursing, the 5 yr old needs yadayadadyada and can I put this together and talks talks talks.  I've had to set limits on nursing.  It's not ideal as we were practicing baby-led weaning, but sheesh.  My boobs are not a carnival ride!
Hugs, Anna!  It does get easier.  Ok, sometimes it takes a while, but it does or I wouldn't have 7 kids.  Can you get someone in to help?  A neighbor, relative, friend, hire someone?  It's the little things like a shower that help.  Get someone else to cook or just order take out.  Be kind and good to yourself. 
I went back 6 pages and couldn't find our thread, so I thought I'd do a shout-out!   Where is everyone?  How are YOU and your toddlers?  Anyone else ready for summer?    We are trying to buy a house and move, so we've been fairly busy.  If anyone wants to add me on Facebook, please PM me!    
my two 'challenging children' were high needs as babies and as toddlers.  the oldest is a high needs teen (and mama to be, OY), and the youngest is wearing me out every minute of the day, almost 20 years later!!!  it was MUCH easier when i was 20, lol!  it's like EVERYTHING she does is intense.  when she's being a pill, she's REALLY wearing on my nerves but when she's being cute or smart, it's like, mind-blowing how awesome she is.  there is no middle ground whatsoever...
Ms. Arnall, I don't have a great deal of time (typing while trying to nurse), so I'll just give a tiny bit of background and ask my question.  My 20 month old daughter is extremely challenging and we are trying to use gentle parenting techniques but do not seem to get anywhere with her.  It just seems that the more we try to be gentle and loving, the more she sees opportunities to test our resources and resourcefulness.  I'm very frustrated and my husband has...
Thanks!  Yes, this is my first grandchild and I'm still not done with my own baby!  She's 17 1/2 mos, will be a little over 2 when my grandbaby gets here.  I guess that's what happens when you have kids at 18 AND at 36 lol!
so, arlene...have you decided what to do about jobs/moving?   i wanted to bump this up and say happy march everyone!  millie and natalie had their post-op surgery check and are doing great.  millie didn't pass one part of the hearing exam (no surprise) and we have to go back in 3 months.  i know she can hear better, because she's talking up a storm now and repeating us (some not so great words, too!).  hope all the toddlers are well and happy!    
My oldest daughter is due Oct 10, 2011.  I just wanted to let you all know I'll be lurking and hoping to get her to join MDC.  She's more of a mainstreamer, but I'm working on her ;)    Congratulations, all.  I see a few of my PAL mamas here, too. (WOOOHOOO NICOLE!!!)
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