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Is there a forum for pet owners or an appropriate forum for asking a pet related question?
Just wanted to say...I am a firm believer that ANYTHING is possible if your whole heart is in it and you set your mind to it. Sometimes it takes an extra amount of creativity to find solutions for your given situation but I see moms/doulas/midwives in all walks of life who find a way.
How would you define the difference? I know, it's a vague question. Just wondering what your thoughts are about it in a general sense, or in your experience. I find this issue comes up a lot for me, in issues of schooling choice, in how much to intervene at the park when a kid is being mean or rude, tv influence, adult conversation...etc. I think you can be extreme on both sides...on the one side throwing your kids to the wolves, so to speak, and letting them experience...
NOTE: Don't try the recipe I gave. I tried it and although I liked it the first time when someone else made it when I made it, it was gross. bleh.
I didn't see any responses to this. I'm curious to know too. :
I posted this on another forum, but thought I might get some more responses here as well: If you were homeschooled as a child for the bulk of your education, where are you today...OR if you homeschooled your own children who are now grown, what do you see happening in their lives now as a result? I ask because my kids are young, and my friends' kids are also young. i am not making judgment calls on the information you may choose to give; it's just a way to get a glimpse...
Ooh! We should form a tribe for Mommies in school...and working part time (me too)...the extreme multi-taskers. There are definitely challenges in addition to it enriching our lives.... WHat does MLS mean?
Wow! I didn't know there were so many other crazy moms out there! I'm encouraged because in addition to nursing school I still would like to homeschool at least one of my kids that seems to need that and I wondered if that was a possibility. Glad to know that may be possible. Not to derail the OP. I agree with the PP who mentioned learning it the first time....really focusing in short spurts. I have a learned a lot from Flylady about doing things in small increments....
Pamamidwife: Good question! Now I'm really curious.
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