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I do know, for a fact, that Mon Gen has had a few VBACs lately. These were with a few of the midwives you mentioned above, and one not mentioned. Do not let the "rule/policy" deter you, cause it is being done!!!
I'm at the crossroads of 79 and RT 33 (where you would go towards Elkins, etc from Mo-town interstate driving).. I'd love to meet up and show you all of the great things about WV, too. We could make it a little GtG with the other WV mamas!
You have mail, and I didn't even realize this was you when I read this earlier. I second MonGeneral for what you need!
I have always told my 4 kids that I do not run a restaurant. I fix supper, they eat it, or they starve. Well, they are all still alive! There is not a snack before bedtime because they are still hungry when they didn't eat supper. They take it or leave it. (boy, that sounds like I am a drill sargent, but you know what I mean!) I fix 1 meat, 2 veggies, 1 fruit, and 1 bread for every meal. (unless it's like tacos or soup) There are plenty of variations and...
This is what my sister sent everyone (it's what we've been doing for years, but sure helps the g-parents now getting it from someone else, too!) Just want to give you a heads up... We are doing xmas a little different this year. We (dh and I) are only buying gifts for our girls and parents. No extended family, friends, coworkers, etc... Instead, we are teaching our girls a life lesson -- giving to others in need. We will be participating in the angel tree...
I can not even thank you women enough for everything that you post. While my ds is now 16 months old, I wanted to come back here and give you the credit that you all deserve. Thank you for standing up and showing women that there is a better way! Here is a link to my ds's montage that I made. I will eventually be able to write a birth story. I am just not ready for that closure yet. Thank you again!!!!
This is the link to one of my very good friend's home birth. Her water was broken for 11 days before baby Aidan was born. (did I mention that this was after 3 cesareans?! heehee) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1uEJdKvGM8
Yes, SmellyAnn, I thought that I had seen you on here. Just had to make sure that I wasn't crazy! heehee
Quote: Originally Posted by smellyann82 was your mw angy nixon--are you in wv?? Sure was! Love her!!! (helps that we are friends, too!) : I'm over on the WV tribe- I think I remember seeing you there?
Yes, please send it to any/everyone! I was able to have my home birth partly because of seeing so many inspiring videos and hearing so many of you describe how normal and beautiful your births were. I literally read every single birth story here and in the UC part. (I think I really took more interest in the UCs, but only because I knew that if they could do it w/out any help, then surely I could do it with my 2 midwives.. and their overwhelming confidence really...
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