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For the last 2 days, I have been literally bed-ridden with gas pains.  When I stand up, it hurts so bad in my stomach it makes me faint.  If I suffer through that, it moves up into my chest and shoulders.  I have never had gas pain like this in my whole life.  Some comes out (sorry TMI) but it seems like it's never ending!  I'm considering calling my OB.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this go away on my own?   PS~ I'm 9 weeks pregnant if that makes a...
Sadiedumpling - I just spoke with her this morning.  She said their practice is very busy because so many others are choosing not to do HB.  I don't know if you need the info anymore, but I thought I'd let you know :)
Here's the tale...   My cycles are usually 32-38 days long, and this time AF came on DC29.  It was super light the first 2 days and today (CD3) it's almost stopped completely.  I thought I'd test, but all I had was this lonely OPK.  So I took it :)  This is positive, right?  Is it common to have a positive OPK on CD3?  I tried to google that, but of course...  nothing.  So here's the best place to ask :)  Of course, I will be buying an HPT today, but I just didn't...
Friday morning it hurt when DS latched on and when I took him off there was no sign of bad latch (my nipple was round and normal color).  So I put him back on and it began to burn while he was eating.  Figured it was a clogged duct and found a hard pebble like spot just to the right of my nipple under the areola,  so I nursed him as much as I could on that side with his chin pushing (ouch!) on that pebble.  Last night, I swear I felt it release and come out while he was...
I was wondering if anyone can tell me what exactly consists of CD1. Yesterday I knew AF was coming, so I put in my DivaCup and went about my day. When I took it out it was less then 1/4 full. Is that still considered spotting or is that considered CD1? If I had used a pad, it would barely have made a spot on it. but because I used the cup, I caught it all! What do you all think?
I've got a keychain from this site. I love to play with it while I'm driving (which I do a LOT of) It just has a positive affect on my mood to hold it in my hands and feel the comfort of knowing that soon, I'll get my babe.
I'm so sorry. Here's some for a better month soon. I do agree with Frog though... The Divacup is so much easier to transport. Takes up less space in your suitcase too.
: : : : : : : : Congratulations Ella-Makes-3!!! That's great news!!! : that you're numbers go waaaaay up!
My non-digital thermometer broke yesterday and I have a digital as a backup. I used the digital this am, but it said my temp was way down below my coverline. (97.89) Should I discard this temp and pick up a new thermometer when I go to the store today? I'm 6DPO today so I could stop temping and just wait it out. What do you all think?
I SO want to be a part of this thread!!! LUCKY! Woo hoo!!! I need some luck! I'm 1DPO today. I took clomid on CDs 3-7 and didn't O till CD40 (yesterday) But we DTD this am and the two nights before I O'd when I had really good CM. My LP is usually 13 or 14 days (I don't remember) so I'll be able to test on the 22nd of this month. I'm soooooo excited about this one!!! I can't wait to see if clomid helped!!! Hope ya'll have a great day!!! Theresa
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