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Good luck vibes on the boards!!! Oy you guys! I signed up for 12 hours this semester (my last in undergrad school) and I have a 2-month old! What was I thinking?: I'm exhausted and I am not motivated to spend my quiet time studying, I just want to veg out in front of the TV. Procrastination is my middle name this semester. I also have to get cracking on studying for the GRE and get my letters of recommendations out soon. Someone tell me I'll get through all of...
I went full time the first 2 trimesters and then went part time (it was an independent study) the last trimester. Luckily I only had moderate morning sickness toward the end of the 1st semester. Unfortunately I was sick to my stomach during finals, but I didn't puke once during a test and ended up with 3 A's and a B. The next semester I felt fine and got 4 A's. So, it can be done! Actually, the insomnia that I got towards the end of the pregnancy helped me with my...
She's peeing just fine, so I won't worry too much. I have over-active letdown and an over supply, so I hate to drink a whole bunch of water, I'll be spilling all over the place! I have a feeling that she's going to blow right when I'm in class and my poor, somewhat clueless husband is going to have to handle it by himself. Oh well, a little poo never hurt anyone I guess. Thanks for the support ladies!
Help, my two-month old is constipated. It's been 3 days since she's pooped and she usually poops at least once a day. She's exclusively breastfed. Can anyone give me any advice on how to get her moving? Is there something I can eat that would help or anything I can give her? TIA
Thanks for the advice ladies!!!
NAK Thanks everyone! With my first, I was so afraid to hurt the belly button that I didn't clean it as much as I should have, this time I'm not afraid, so I was cleaning it all the time in hopes of getting it to come off. I guess I'll back off. Too bad about the flaky skin thing lasting so long. It makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong or something and people keep asking me why I'm not using lotion on her.
Hi, My DD is a week old today and I have a few questions that I don't remember the answers to from my first child. She has that flaky skin thing and I was wondering how long that lasts? Does it go away soon? The doctor said that no amount of lotion would help it. Also, when does the belly button thing fall off? I think with my first child his fell off by now, but I remember that he lost his early. TIA!
My first time breastfeeding I also got headaches. I would get one every Sunday and it would be so bad that I would throw up and have to lay down in a dark room for a long time. I'm certain that they were hormonal because they were so regular and when DS weaned they stopped. Hopefully your headache just caused a temporary hormonal adjustment period and the headaches will go away soon. So far with my DD I haven't had a headache, I hope that lasts!
Thanks everyone! I'm trying to rest but with a toddler it's been a challenge. So far my energy is keeping up with everything. Neat to see other Keiras and that's so cool that our DD share the same birthday, Ecomama7!!!
I was on an IV for about 24 hours, but not 72!! So far, the engorgement is totally better today. It's been amazing, my nursing experience is so much smoother this time around. I'm sure it's because I have more confidence in my ability to nurse this time, my ability to be strong and demand that DS stay in the hospital room with me as much as they could possibly let me (which was all the time, except for when doing tests), and not making the mistake of supplementing or...
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