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I am so glad I found this thread. I am searching for a new host and need to add a shopping cart since my current website is completely unuseable! : this is great info, keep it coming!
Quote: Originally Posted by DWAXSMOM midwestmeg- some great bras for your size are the Elle Macpherson Maternelle, the Melinda G 2115, the Anita 5075 and 5051, and the Le Mystere. There are a lot of choices for you though they may not say that in any chain store. Since you have such expertice, I have been told by bra fitters that I am "narrow set" or my breasts are very close together. I have trouble finding underwires that fit properly and I...
WOW great replys, some brands I have not heard of to check out! Keep 'em coming
Quote: Originally Posted by Woodland I love love love my japanese weekend nursing bra..Sooo comfortable and soft, I got a large, I am a 36D. My favorite thing is that when i go to nurse i just lift the bottom of the cup, the elastic stays under your breast but the cup lifts up! Soooo nice and easy, I hate using my other bras because I tend to forget to redo the clips and then I'm walking around practically braless. This feature was an added bonus, I...
Quote: Originally Posted by DWAXSMOM what is your size? 34 F/G depending....
Bumping for more responces PLEASE!!! What are the opinions on Bravado??? Medela???
Nursing bra, if you wear one at all? I am currently nursing my 10 month old ds and wearing an Anita underwire. But I need some new ones so tell me your favorites. TIA
I only buy wham made soaps, I would love to try candels though...
I am starting up my business (retail internet) and am wondering whether a toll free 1-800-# is nessesary anymore with the advent of cell phones, ya know with long distance included in all plans now. I am simply looking for the best option for customers who will be calling to order or need product information. I also intend to have email access.
Quote: Originally Posted by lisalou Is it really buttermilk? I have a wonderful lemon buttermilk sorbet recipe and discovered a source for raw milk. This is very exciting. I asked a friend who is into raw milk too and she thinks that is buttermilk. I guess we need an expert to clarify for us, he he he.
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