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I've actually just been MIA for about a year. Lots of changes, got married about 8 months ago, and now we're expecting a new baby on February 15th!!! Just wanted to say "Hey!" again!!!
[QUOTE=AbundantLife;9497670]Where to begin. I'm not posting this in the teens forum because this is more about me and my expectations/feelings as a parent than it is about him. He doesn't have many friends yet I feel that he should. If he would rather stay inside than go outside to play football, I feel like I want to push him out the door. He has a hard time in school so I have offered him the option of homeschool or a private school, yet DS seems determined to stay...
PM me with the info, I will buy as many as I can afford... what a brilliant idea, you are so strong Alisteal.
Yeah, lets reschedule... *and don't feel bad kerplunk*
what about 3 or 4??? and yeah, name tags with our usernames... we could meet at the BIG Dennis the Menace statue...
I'm still down for it... Afternoon is better for me AND DS (he's a crankpot in the morning) I can give directions, or you can mapquest it... Let me know... ALSO, if your coming, PM me and I'll give out my cell # in case anyone gets lost... Lets renew our headcount!!
Well... your post raises a lot of questions for me. Its not going to answer your questions for me to ask them though... So I'm going to recommend that you check out the WAHM threads, they were very helpful to me when I opened up a home daycare.
Quote: Originally Posted by quietserena I'm a big fan of making a big pro and con lists and being brutally honest in them. Moving in with someone seems like your attempt at forcing stability where there might not be any for a while. Whether that's a good move or not is one of those things that I can't tell you from where I'm sitting. Can you try it out for a set period of time and see instead of making it permanent? Are there any gut feelings...
I'll bet she has butt acne. Mama, we all get insecure in these situations.. the girl my ex cheated on me with (well, one of them) was a size 00... and it hurt and it sucked, and you know what??? I can just be secure in the knowledge that while she may rock a miniskirt... I never slept with a married man, I'm a good mother, and I was a good wife... You can do the same. Be strong, I know it hurts, but that pain is fleeting.
Having to BEG him to brush his teeth. Having to wake up a 22 year old man for work.... everyday..... for 5 years.... at 1pm Him reciting every joke Dave Chappelle ever wrote.... at every social gathering... for 5 years. Hating the fact the I was married to a prickola. Walking in on him having sex with other women... or men.... ~sigh~ he was such a prince...
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