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I love all the Housewives shows and the RHOBH is no different.   I don't think Kim is crazy. Issues, but crazy is a strong word. I think she probably suffered socially from working so much as a child, but she seems to have insight into that. I think both she and Kyle seem like great loving mothers. Lisa too.   I think Lisa is my fave. She's real, even though she's uber wealthy.   Camille, I feel sorry for her. Truth be told, I bet her self-esteem is the pits...
Lynda Carter, aka Wonderwoman. I've been told that my entire life and I must say I have to agree. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2542/...1e787f18_o.jpg
Hello fellow WV'ians and former WV'ians. This has been so interesting to read through. I guess I would consider myself to be living on the "outskirts" of Appalachia now, but all of my extended family lives in the heart of Appalachia. Most of my male relatives are/were coal miners. I can understand how hard it would be for people who've never been there to really "get it", just how hard the day to day really is for a lot fo people down there. It still shocks me and...
If I knew the plastic surgery would be flawless and not botched, I would do brow lift, lipo on thighs, hair removal, teeth whitening, breast lift and something (botox maybe?) to address a deep wrinkle between my brows. In reality, I'll be getting none because 1. I can't overcome the fear of dying on the operating table for the sake of vanity.
I was hoping some of you wise thoughtful mamas could help me think of a gift to give a friend of mine who is dying of pancreatic cancer. She was just diagnosed (has already spread to liver/lung) and isn't going to pursue treatment, as the cancer is very advanced. She's been given 3-6 months. Some things about her--she's mid-60's, no children, never married, loves cats, gardening, photography, travel. I seriously am at a loss. Maybe I shouldn't get her anything? I...
Thanks Fruitful womb, that was beautiful! And a bumpity bump for the day crowd!
Periwinkle, no, I know *exactly* what you mean.
Ok, yes. I thought I remembered one that said "waiting". Thanks Periwinkle for letting me pick your brain!
We cross-posted, but YES, you do rule!!!
Periwinkle, DON'T be embarassed!!! You just helped me SO much!!!!! Seriously, that video was top notch. Of course the dad was a pro, but still... Can I ask you another question? Was there text intermingled with the pictures or just pictures? And do you remember the Lennon/McCartney song? And I've not given up on *someone* having that video. Please! Someone?
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