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Yes! For me it's part of Baby blues..... They grow too fast!
I did that with DS. I thought my period was back for sure and then I didn't have one for 18 months. Strange how the body works!
Get some Colace!
Cadence Fay was born on Valentine's Day 10lbs 8 oz 21 inches long. It was a hard birth with lots of scary decisions and two hours of pushing leading to a c-section. But baby and I are both healthy and she beautiful!
Well.. Today was my EDD so I'm gonna go ahead and put myself in this group :)
Just lost my mucus plug (in the shower... that was weird!) After having membranes stripped and sex with DH... we shall see...
Mary, where do you live? Have you checked out ICAN? I'm going for a VBA2C!
Sounds like your body is definitely gearing up for something!   I have labor poop. Yay... but nothing regular for me yet... We are having our house cleaned on Thursday and my mom comes on Saturday, then it will be show time.   Keep us updated!!
No but PROM makes the risks of GBS infection in you and baby higher.
The only thing is that EPO has been linked to PROM (premature rupture of membranes)... so water breaks but labor doesn't start. It's not a chance I will take, especially being GBS positive as having the water broken for a long time can make that worse.
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