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Hi Ladies!     My dh is an AGR with the WI Nat'l Guard, and is currently deployed.  He's due back within 4-6 weeks, thank goodness!  I feel like I've been managing/surviving for this whole last year, that I've been handling everything well, but I swear this last week I have been losing it.  Losing focus, losing stamina, losing my memory and sanity.  I'm hoping this "fog" won't be staying with me until dh gets home!!  
Hi ladies!  My dh is AGR with the WI NG.  He found out recently that there is about a 50% chance of him deploying for a year, with him leaving in about 6 weeks.  He has to get approved by folks over in Europe to fill this slot, though, because it is several grades above his rank; we have no idea when he might find out whether he's going or not, but the CO of the detachment wants him for this slot.  My question is, how do I prepare my son (will be turning 9 around the...
What a beautiful video!  Thank you for sharing.  
I'd love to know the name of the company, too.  What a wonderful Christmas gift!  
Ditto all the pp.  He needs to do his visiting during the day while you are at work, unless there is an incredibly good reason why he'd be leaving you home to celebrate Christmas alone.  
Many many hugs and congratulations, Jaime!  I'm so happy for you!  
So many musicians spend an incredible amount money making their cds, and barely recoup their costs through sales.  It is absolutely theft to share it with others, thereby allowing them to have a copy of the album without purchasing it.  Please don't do it.    eta:  I voted wrong, after misreading the poll....I meant to vote that it is not ethical.  Sorry to skew the results!  
I love to keep my house on the chilly side, around 65F in the day and 60F at night during colder months.  I hate hate hate being warm.  I'd much rather dress in layers and pile blankets on.  :)   I'm usually miserable all summer since I try to keep it around 75F during the day, and even that feels sweltering to me.  I  ; it makes me !!!!
For my aunt's 80th birthday several years ago I gave her this cookbook.  She was absolutely tickled, and it brought back so many memories of the way she cooked when she was a young wife and mother.  I thought about giving her a cookbook of depression era recipes, but she said since they lived on a farm it wouldn't have really been as relevant to her as it would have been to someone who grew up in a town or city.  
Quote: Originally Posted by texmati First off, I want to say that you are on of the most inspiring people on this board. You sound so centered in the face of all of this. I don't post often, but I am really inspired by all the changes you have made and how far you've come in your journey. You are an amazing woman!!! I just wish you lived closer. I'd love to hang out sometime, or just offer a quiet room to study.
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