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take me with you!!!!! i will carry all your luggage and babysit if you want me to. j/k hope you have a great trip enjoy yourselves!!!
My last wasn't UC but I had a very hands off mw. I birthed on a birth stool, and could have easily reached down to catch her. A "nest" for baby sounds like a good idea and frees you up to do whatever feels right.
16...better than i expected
i think it's fine to change his name if it doesn't feel right. if it hasn't grown on you by now i don't think it will. we took several days to name our kids. with our youngest we finally sat down, made a list of single names, graded them and then matched the ones we liked best. we also asked our family members opinions (although our own opinions carried much more weight). you know, my parents named my oldest sister what my grandmother wanted them to name her...
I have had 2 homebirths in Mobile, and would be glad to talk to you about the mws I used. Private Message me if you have questions
5 days before O...baby girl
congrats on the birth of your daughter, zoe i am so, so happy to hear that you are both well and wish you a wonderful, beautiful time getting to know her and slurping up all that yummy newborn sugar. :
Quote: Originally Posted by diamond lil Don't be offended. I also had a child-free destination wedding and was very happy with my decision. Not to be rude, but I fail to see where you being happy with your decision has anything to do with other people being offended or not. I think the OP should have the choice to make childcare arrangements if she is invited and it is a destination wedding...not everyone is comfortable traveling and leaving...
v, i think it's just going to take some time to get your groove. i definitely think bookadoo nurses more vigorously than your average 2 year old (IME ), and if you can get him to sleep more and nurse less at night that would probably alleviate some of your worry about snooteroo's nourishment. basically, i think you and c are doing all the right things to settle into a good, healthy tandem nursing/co-sleeping habit with your family. it just takes time. you know i ...
I would assume no kids are invited. but definitely ask to be sure.
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