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Yep, he is gorgeous!!!! Get ALL that sweet newborn neck sugar while you can!!!!
If you have an outdoor wedding, you can use quilts for seating and let people relax and picnic Also, instead of favors you and your dp can make a donation to an environmental organization you love. Beautiful dress! Enjoy your wedding
What kind of complications are you worried about? My family is of Arabic decent, and my sister's name is very close to two of the names you mentioned. She doesn't have any real problems--occasionally when she's flying security will pull her aside and question her a few minutes but they are polite about it Sometimes people mispronounce her name, but that's no big deal. I think it is wonderful that you are trying to consider what your dh's wishes would have been. ...
Hi There is a sticky thread at the top of this forum with lots of great info. about cesarean birth. That would be a great place to get some suggestions... I hope you have a wonderful, empowering birth and a very healthy baby!
I am so, so sad to hear this news. I will pray for her dh and children. Shannon
Can "hell no" be an option? who would ask a STRANGER to watch their child?:
My oldest 2 sons are circ'd and my youngest son is intact. I have explained that when our oldest was born we thought it was medically needed, but once we discovered it wasn't we wouldn't do it. Our boys are ok with this.
Just a quick note to ask...how does your midwife feel about your water being broken this long? How is the baby holding up? Keep us posted...we're hoping to hear that your baby is here and healthy and everyone is resting and happy very soon
I am currently recieving donor milk from another MDC mom who also is one of my best friends. Her baby is 5 days younger than mine and she has been pumping for us for 3 months. I do know her health history and that she is disease free. It has really been a huge blessing for us, but it has definitely raised some eyebrows. I think it is best to know the health status of your donor but otherwise I think it's no big deal to accept EBM. Hang in there
My dd was born with a nuchal hand. I had a homebirth, and she was 9lbs. 8 oz. I had no tearing and she came out in seconds. She is my fourth child, though, and my 3rd VBAC.
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