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User name: Ligmom Baby's name: Zoe Aurelia EDD: 3/12/07 DOB: 3/17/07 Weight: 9lbs. 8 oz. Height: 21in. Comments: Our second HBAC She is just beautiful...really.
Read the Shettles book. We read it, and followed the directions...and we're having a girl. The first girl in dh's family in 3 or 4 generations We have 3 sons already, and after reading the book, I understand why Good luck.
Glad to hear things are working out
Sounds like things are moving along. labor to you. If you are still having this pattern tomorrow, maybe see a chiropractor. Best wishes and let us know how it goes.
Hopefully your little one will wait to come...if not, I am sure your birth will still be a good experience. Remember that you don't HAVE to do anything they tell you to--you have the right to refuse anything you feel is unnecessary. : for you...
Congrats to you, mama Thanks for sharing your story and some encouragement with those of us still waiting...
Yay!!! Congrats on the birth of your DAUGHTER Can't wait to see pics and hear the full story....enjoy snuggling that little sweetpea
OMGoodness! She is beautiful Crying : for you.
Wow...you totally rock, paisley!!!! Congrats on the birth of your sweet BIG boy
Sounds promising Hope this is the start of good things for you...keep us posted.
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