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That completely sucks. Sorry for the craptastic situation...hoping you hang in there long enough to feel a little more settled. What happened with your new practice, and why did you leave your old OB?
Me 3 sons...2 circ'd., 1 intact. No problems at all Good for you And congrats on the upcoming birth of your son
Sorry to hear all of you are in the same boat, but it's kind of nice not to be alone here. Things are a little better tonight. A good friend took my kids for a little while today so that I could be alone (thanks, Kim) and that seemed to help some. It's not the being pg that's bothering me...it's just everything else in the world, ya know? Hang in there, y'all. Soon we'll have our little babies.
Your plan looks good overall...wishing you a great birth
I am the crankiest most difficult person I have ever met, and I can't stand to be around myself right now. I think I'm losin' it. That is all. Blech.
Yay! Carolynn...I am SO HAPPY for you!!!!! Wait to go! And welcome to the sweet new baby boy Off to get a tissue for my :
After my last son was born, I gave my midwife, her assistant, and my doula each a thank you card, a gc to a very nice local restaraunt, and a piece of silver jewelry with amethyst (his birthstone). They all seemed to really like their gifts Haven't decided what I will do this time...guess I should be thinking about that.
Hanging out on the computer, listening to some good music with hubby while he paints our bedroom The kids are in the front...probably trashing the family room like rock stars
OMGoodness!! How scary...I'm so sorry you got hurt. Hope you heal quickly.
You had me going on that, Amber Glad to hear you are feeling better...get some much needed sleep
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